We had the pleasure of collaborating with Aembr, a non-toxic luxury candle company, to create a comprehensive branding package that captures the essence of their brand values. Our work for Aembr encompassed various elements, including full logo design, packaging design, label design, brand pattern design, and more. With careful attention to detail and a deep understanding of Aembr’s vision, we crafted a brand identity that seamlessly blends sophistication and sustainability. Each element we designed harmoniously comes together to showcase the brand’s commitment to creating a luxury experience while prioritizing non-toxic ingredients.

Scope of Work

Brand Identity, Illustration, Packaging Design


Non-Toxic Luxury Candles


Houston, Texas

Past Experiences

A Love Note from Kristina

When I reached out to Thoroughfare for help with packaging design, I already knew the result would be *chef’s kiss* – but when I tell you Savannah went above and beyond and polished the Aembr logo, mocked up a whole website, and refreshed our candle labels, I was over the moon! As Carrie Bradshaw once said, “And just like that, Vivienne Westwood kicked my little suit’s ass.” Thoroughfare is the Vivienne Westwood of brand identity design.

Kristina, Owner of Aembr