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About the Studio

About Savannah and Dillon, the Founders of Thoroughfare

By choosing Thoroughfare Design Studio, you are choosing a creative team that understands the absolute determination and wholehearted effort it takes to develop a business from the ground up.

Since 2016, as self-taught designers and entrepreneurs, we have walked alongside 75+ brands and counting — gladly dedicating our time to helping brands and business owners drive meaningful impact and build thriving companies. Infusing a timeless, organic feel with the understated elegance of transitional design, we create one-of-a-kind brand identities, customized website designs, and creative visuals that make a lasting impression and promote intentional, conscious living.

Prepared to walk the path by your side, we are committed to creating a moving and memorable experience that unearths each of our client’s distinguishing qualities and long-term aspirations.

Our Creative Style

Elements That Influence Our Creative Style

We devote our efforts to exploring themes within each client’s story so as to craft a creative direction that is authentic and compelling. Though every design is distinct, our creative style remains grounded in timeless qualities of organic elements, hand-drawn illustrations, earthy color palettes, and intuitive website layouts.

Are you ready to breathe life into your business with intentional branding and web design?