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Starting a business is a risk; it can be overwhelming and a constant learning curve. At Thoroughfare Design, we’ve been navigating the entrepreneurial landscape for a while now, and our success can be attributed to three core values that have been our guiding stars – communication, exceptional customer experience, understanding your genius zone, and genuinely wanting success for our clients. Let’s dive in to break down each one and how it has contributed to our success in our business.

1. The Art of Communication: Crafting Connections

Communication is key! We can’t stress this enough. When you communicate clearly and thoroughly with your customers or clients, it makes a world of difference. We always try our best to communicate with our clients every step of the way so that regardless of where we are in our process of working together, they know what is coming up or what to expect. Have you ever purchased a service and wondered what happens next?

Don’t leave your clients questioning your expertise or their investment. By keeping in touch throughout the process of working together, you are making them feel at ease and reassured everything is going to be taken care of. We noticed early on in our business that we wanted to be great at communicating with our clients so they feel taken care of. We wanted our experience working together to be a partnership, and in a partnership, we appreciate open and honest communication.

2. Creating A Great Customer Experience

Exceptional customer experience isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s a commitment etched into our business. We knew our clients would be investing their hard-earned money into their dreams, and we wanted to make sure we not only delivered their vision for their dreams but also made them feel their money was well invested. To do this, we created a customer process based on how we worked that allowed us to deliver high-quality branding and website design projects. Our process is very thorough and continually evolves as we evolve. More importantly, our primary focus with our process is to make our clients feel taken care of.

We strongly believe in a great customer experience and have seen the benefits of our process. Our clients immediately feel their investment is worth it. In addition, as you grow in your business, you will have to increase your price, and a great way to feel like you are worth the price you are charging is to have a solid process you can lean back on. It’s never too late to craft a great customer experience. It is sooooo worth taking the time to do so. Once your process is set up, all you need to do is update based on what your clients are saying.

After that, you will start to notice how many referrals you begin to get. Word of mouth is so often overlooked, but we get so much business from it because of our customer experience or process.

3. Embracing Your Genius Zone

What do we mean by “genius zone?” The best way to explain a “genius zone” is the balance between what you love to do and what you do well. To find your genius zone, make a list of work things you love to do and work things you are good at. After that, see what shows up in both lists. These item(s) in both lists can be considered your genius zone.

The goal is to focus on work that falls within your genius zone. It will make your work day so much more enjoyable! Let’s be honest; there are business tasks throughout the day that may not be your favorite pastime. If you are anything like us, maybe that is your taxes. It was such an uphill battle for us when we had to do our taxes. Not only did it take us so much time, but it also made us dread tax day! Constantly stressing if we did it right and sweating if we got a letter from the IRS.

We can’t put into words the weight lifted off our shoulders when we finally took the plunge and invested in someone to handle our taxes. It may be a surprise, but handling business taxes is someone’s genius zone. Why not make the investment to save your sanity?

The moral of the story is to focus on business work or tasks that fall into your genius zone and try to hire for tasks that are not. The tasks you may not enjoy may be enjoyable to someone else, so the goal is to find someone else for that task. You will be amazed how your work day begins to shift to something you look forward to. Your productivity will take off!

4. Genuinely Wanting Success for Our Clients

There is no greater feeling than witnessing our clients’ businesses soar to new heights. Seeing their dreams take shape and witnessing their success is truly gratifying. At Thoroughfare Design, we pour our hearts into every project, ensuring that our clients feel supported, empowered, and set up for success. We believe in fostering meaningful relationships built on trust, collaboration, and a shared vision for growth. Our client’s success is our success. With that being said, we try to overdeliver where we can, so we create raving customers who look for an opportunity to work together again or refer us to their friends and family without any hesitation. Seriously, word of mouth is such a backbone of our business.

Now It’s Your Turn

As you and your business grow, remember the significance of clear communication, the transformative power of a great customer experience, and the liberating embrace of working within your genius zone. These principles have allowed us to make tremendous strides in our business. Cheers to crafting your unique path to success, where every venture is not just a task but a joyous step toward realizing your dreams. May your journey be as rewarding as the destination itself. We wish you the best of luck! Reach out to us if you have any questions. We would love to hear from you.


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