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The Design Process

Our custom design process is carefully crafted and meticulously refined to meet your needs, exceed your expectations, and deliver a seamless experience.

About The Design Process

The Thoroughfare Way considers your distinguishing qualities and long-term aspirations, guiding a journey of self-discovery to unearth the roots that ground you as you grow on the way to your desired destination. These roots, your brand’s beginnings, values, and long-term visions, make up the foundations we’ll build upon.

By leading a path that was precisely paved for your business, The Thoroughfare Way provides the ultimate solution to achieving your goals and addressing your current pain points. Those are the areas of your brand presence with potential for improvement and the obstacles we’ll help you overcome within a single, seamless, and personalized design experience. Outlining your project’s objectives at the forefront of the design process, we work to deliver an experience and product that solves pressing problems and encourages the realization of your most uninhibited dreams through expert guidance and conscious design.

A Brief Overview of Our Design Process

Step 01: Initial Consultation

We like to start things off with a complimentary consultation call to get to know one another. During this meeting, we’ll review a series of questions to learn more about your business and project needs. We will also use this time to review our design process, go over project ideas for your business, and provide you with an estimated timeline and cost.

Step 02: Booking Your Project

After our consultation call, a formal proposal will be submitted to you within 1-2 business days outlining 2-3 package options specifically created for your business. Each package option will have its own set payment plan so that you can choose the option best suited to your budget. After you’ve chosen your package, a contract and invoice will be sent to you to book your project.

Step 03: Project Kickoff

To kick off your project, we will conduct a thorough call to review a step-by-step client task list, consisting of all we need from you in order to begin work on your project. This list may include: a brand development questionnaire, fillable content documents, a password form, and additional items needed based on your specific project.

Step 04: Content Review

After you’ve completed your client tasks, our team will thoroughly review all of your website copy to ensure everything is copyedited. During a scheduled content review with you, we’ll provide any suggestions we might have to enhance your website content, giving you time to implement these before we take our next steps.

Step 05: Brand Design

Following a complete brand strategy session, we’ll craft a customized creative direction for your brand, which will outline your ideal target audience, a mood board, custom color palette, and further details. From there, we will work through a series of design phases to create your photography direction, complete logo suite, and any brand collateral.

Step 06: Website Design

Applying your new branding, photography, and written copy, we’ll design a user-friendly website with easy-to-navigate page flows for your audience to enjoy. Then, we’ll develop your website in-house, building out its live pages using custom CSS throughout while integrating necessary elements that are specific to your service, product, industry, and audience.

Step 07: Website Testing

Before we launch your new brand and website, we need to make sure everything works as it’s supposed to. We’ll go through a phase of testing across different browsers, screens, and devices to ensure a seamless customer experience. As soon as everything is working up to our standards, we’ll schedule a soft launch so you can review the website from a viewer’s perspective.

Step 08: Launch Phase

To prepare for your launch, we’ll wrap up our time together with a final teaching session where we’ll review your completion packet and go over important website know-hows. Leaving you with the tools and resources necessary to continue applying a cohesive brand presence across all online and offline platforms, we’ll finally launch your vision for all the world to see, providing up to seven days of technical support to get you off the ground.

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