Loving Little Halls

With the goal to authentically express her focus on wholesome living and motherhood, the creator behind Loving Little Halls knew she needed a cohesive and professional brand identity. We developed a warm, vintage, and earthy aesthetic, utilizing colors like warm browns and olive greens to reflect her values. We crafted a personalized logo suite featuring a fruit bowl with five pears, symbolizing her children, and incorporated approachable, traditional fonts to enhance the brand’s inviting feel. This comprehensive branding effort has resulted in a visually harmonious and emotionally resonant identity, empowering her to connect more deeply with her audience and grow her platform with confidence.

Scope of Work

Full Branding, Logo Design, Illustration, Print Collateral


Lifestyle Content Creator


Atlanta, Georgia

Brand Photography

Cari Hall

Past Experiences

A Love Note from Cari

Thoroughfare didn’t just design a brand for me. They brought my vision to life, perfectly capturing everything I’ve always wanted my brand to embody. Their expertise in this field was evident throughout the whole process, which made everything such a breeze for me. I could have never imagined that they would convey my brand in the beautiful way that they did. They far exceeded my expectations!

Cari Hall, Owner of Loving Little Halls

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