Our Kin & Home

Our Kin & Home is a lifestyle brand and business sharing insight into homeschooling, natural, wholesome living, and cultivating an intentional lifestyle. Aligning with the simplistic, earthy aesthetic of the brand, we created a full brand identity, incorporating a warm color palette and hand-drawn illustrations that highlight the owner’s genuine, down-to-earth personality. For the website design, we crafted a seamless layout to illustrate the brand’s values while appealing to the preferences of their kindred readers.

Scope of Work

Brand Identity, Illustration, Web Design, Brand Collateral


Holistic Lifestyle Influencer and Brand


Tulsa, Oklahoma

Brand Photography

Mary Salas

Past Experiences

A Love Note from Mary

First of all, I cannot thank you and Dillon enough. You’ve gone above and beyond, and I’m truly so grateful. I am genuinely beyond proud to call our new website, mine, because of all your hard work.

Mary Salas, Owner of Our Kin & Home

Let's craft a brand and website design as unique as you are.

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