Tutor In Law

Owner, Mahliya Montgomery, approached our design studio wanting a complete brand and website that offered guidance, course materials, and tutoring for the modern law student. To create a standout online presence for Tutor In Law, we crafted custom hand drawn illustrations, a unique brand identity, and an e-commerce website equipped with an array of educational materials, custom product pages, and a seamless checkout process for customers.

Scope of Work

Branding, Custom Illustration, Web Design, Collateral


Course Materials and Tutoring for Law Students


Sacramento, California

Brand Photography

Jillian Gorman

Past Experiences

A Love Note from Mahliya

Savannah and Dillon are the dream team. I cannot say enough good things about their work. The process ensures that their clients are always informed. For each design choice, you will know why they made the choices that they did and have plenty of opportunities to fine-tune when needed. From design to development, they are so talented and will exceed your expectations. They go the extra mile for their clients and truly care about making sure you have a great experience with them. They treat your business like their own.

Mahliya Montgomery, Owner of Tutor In Law

Let's craft a brand and website design as unique as you are.

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